Martin Zilbauer


Yoga Wall Core Training

Part 1 & 2

with Martin Zilbauer



November 1st to 7th,2020

Yoga Wall Core training is a two-part series led by Martin Zilbauer, certified Iyengar yoga teacher, and the leading provider of Yoga Wall trainings around the world. Currently, Martin is the director of training for Yoga Wall in Asia and Europe. Upon conclusion of Yoga Wall Core training, participants will receive a certificate of training completion.


This training is based on the alignment-focused teachings of Iyengar yoga and provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of Yoga Wall principles and practices, which originate from the work B.K.S. Iyengar first established with wall ropes in Pune, Maharashtra, India in the 1960s. Yoga Wall Core training is progressive, modern, and designed for students who afterward intend to teach yoga classes with the help of the Yoga Wall. No prior experience with the Yoga Wall or Iyengar yoga is necessary to benefit from Yoga Wall Core training.


Participants will learn how to practice and teach eight different “sequences”. A sequence of the training typically involves 15-20 asanas, designed to achieve a certain result. Students will also learn how to adapt the sequences – and the asanas within them – to circumstances relevant to their own practice and teaching.


These eight sequences contain more than 120 different asana variations. All of these asanas are practiced using the Yoga Wall and are designed to be easy to teach and practice. For example, within a sequence, the length of the belts is not often changed so the classes continue with an uninterrupted flow.


This newly developed training will give participants the background knowledge and confidence to handle diverse groups of students. To help retain what is learned, students receive two extensive manuals totaling more than 150 illustrated pages. The manuals feature step-by-step analysis of the sequences that have been learned in the training. Yoga Wall Core training manuals assure participants will not forget anything from the training and will greatly assist the teaching of Yoga Wall Core classes to their students right away!




During each day of the training, participants will learn a particular sequence in three distinct phases:


Phase one: Following along as a master guides the class through the sequence of asanas, usually lasting around 1.5 hours. This phase replicates how students will experience the sequence.



Phase two: After experiencing the sequence as a student will do, we take 2.5 to 3 hours to study in detail the asanas done in the sequence. We will gain more understanding of the details, and how to teach and adjust a student when needed. After phase two, you will have the background knowledge and confidence to teach the sequence.


Phase three: Finally, the group will be divided into smaller groups of 3 students each, and in batches of 20 minutes, we will practice teaching the asanas of the sequence to one another. In addition, we will learn Yoga Wall-related anatomy, how to adjust students in the asanas, and receive many Yoga Wall-specific clues on how to enhance your teaching and create fun, helpful classes.



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About the teacher:


Working since his early 20s as a Physiotherapist, he discovered soon Iyengaryoga as he searched for a method to help others on a deeper level. Realising that it needs a lot of study and selfpractice to develop a deeper understanding of B.K.S. Iyengars wisdom he left his Therapy center in Germany 2004 behind in order to study full time Iyengaryoga in India.


He spent more than 6 years traveling and teaching in India and other Asian countries. The most time he studied with Usha Devi in Rishikesh/India a senior teacher of Iyengar and in the maincentre of B.K.S. Iyengar in Pune/Southindia, where he got also his Certificate from B.K.S. Iyengar personally. He is now the founder of the yoga school relax & move in Amberg, Germany, and continues to strengthen his practice by participating in advanced trainings. He still travels every year at least once to India to further deepen his knowledge.


When Martin is not teaching at his Iyengar Yoga Center he teaches for around 100 days a year a wide variety of workshops all over Europe and Asia and is now the head coach in Europe for trainings with the Great Yoga Wall.

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Price: 1.261,70 €


 We are offering single accommodation with private bathroom to every student at the twin share rate  to prevent the spread of coronavirus . 


Couples are of course welcome to share a double room




Reservation & Payments:


–   A non-refundable deposit of 500 € is required

     to confirm your place


–  The balance will be paid 1 weeks prior to the event.

–   You may also pay in full at the time of booking, if you prefer.




Price includes:

  • All yoga classes & manuals
  • Certificate
  • 7 nights Single accommodation
  • All meals, coffee, tea and water


Price doesn’t include:

  • Ground transportation
  • The airfare to Malaga
  • Spa therapies




Cancellation Policy:

Deposit are non-refundable


Force Majeure:

In the event that access to Santillan Retreat is denied or restricted by any means beyond our control, all the deposits will be moved to the next training.

Please note that we cannot refund for any subsidiary costs, flight tickets and other travel.



It is a condition of this event that you are fully insured for yoga activities, and airline or event cancellations.


Catering and dietary requirements:

We require you to inform us, well in advance, of any dietary requirements you may have. Special dietary requirements, within reason, will be catered for.


If, for medical reasons, you follow highly restricted diets, you are required to bring with you any essentials you might need for your diet. There will be dedicated refrigerators for guests use, if any food items need to be stored in a cool temperature


If you know you could be prone to a severe reaction to an allergen, for example, a very small amount on a kitchen knife or board, it is essential that we are informed.   Please note that we are unable to offer absolute guarantees for such allergic conditions.


Airport Transfer:

We can arrange a driver to meet you at the arrival area of the airport.

We have an arrangement with local taxi drivers, who, when booked in advance, charge a reduced rate of EUR 50 per journey but if we can arrange shared transportation the per person cost will be less.

We shall apply a car-sharing system in case flights are arriving and/or departing within 30 minutes.


If you want to be picked up at the airport, we´d need your flight itinerary to be able to make the arrangements.


Please, keep in mind that taxi drivers need to be paid directly in cash. When arriving from an EU country, there is an ATM at Malaga airport on the right just before the escalator taking you down to baggage reclaim.


Additional ATMs are in the departure hall on the second floor.






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