Jackie DeConti & Alexis Abbate


Ode to the Sol: Serenity in Spain with Jackie and Alexis


August 31st to September 7th

Join Jackie and Alexis for a light-filled experience of Andalusian paradise in the countryside of southern Spain.

With sweeping views of mountains and the Mediterranean, this hillside location is surrounded by orchards, olive groves, and ecological gardens.

Ease into the day with morning guided meditations and journaling time. As the sun begins to rise, roll out your mat for a yoga class followed by a delicious breakfast prepared with love from locally grown ingredients. Set yourself free to craft your day however you choose, whether embarking on an adventure exploring the Spanish coastline, relaxing with a book by the saltwater pool, or perhaps enjoying a mid-day siesta. As the sun begins to set, connect to your breath on your mat and then savor a homemade dinner before heading out to the bonfire under the starlit Spanish sky.

This retreat will meet you wherever you are on your path. Whether you need community, exploration, or space to rest, each moment of this retreat is completely yours, to cultivate serenity and embody wholeness in an organic and deeply nourishing way.




Jackie DeConti, E-RYT200 + Co-Founder of Terra Sol Sanctuary

As a lover of many things, Jackie DeConti, trusts in the magic of manifesting and the power of connection. She believes that if you see life as beautiful and miraculous, the universe will show you that over and over again. Jackie is a co-founder of Terra Sol Sanctuary in Wilmington, NC and leads yoga teacher trainings as well as a variety of workshops and global retreats.


As a singer and multi-instrumentalist, her passion for music is threaded into weekly live music yoga collaborations with various musicians. She is inspired by dandelions and the flowers that grow through sidewalk cracks. Jackie is a seeker of wisdom and aspires to see the light everywhere.



Alexis Abbate, RYT200 + Co-Founder of Terra Sol Sanctuary

Alexis Abbate was born and raised in the suburbs of NYC. She received a Bachelors of Science in Sociology from the State University of New York at Binghamton in 2003. Shortly after graduation, she moved to Wilmington and worked in a corporate environment for 10 years. It was during this time that she found yoga and was amazed by the abundance of peace, balance, and flexibility it brought to her life.


Alexis decided to deepen her understanding of this ancient healing practice and became a registered yoga teacher in 2014. She loves being able to create a sacred space for students to slow down, tune into their body + breath, and connect with community. Alexis aims to be a lifelong learner and travel as much as possible.




Sample Itinerary


Every retreat is unique and, as such, the itineraries are ever-changing! We finalize the itineraries about 3-6 weeks before the retreat, but after 10 years of hosting retreats, we do have a general idea of what most schedules look like.


Most retreats include one-to-two daily yoga classes. One class takes place in the morning, either just before or just after breakfast. After the first class and meal, you have free time to explore, relax, or take part in optional add-on activities. Lunch (if included in your retreat) will take place midday, during this free time. There is then, usually, an afternoon class followed by dinner. Occasionally some teachers choose to offer an evening restorative class or group gathering after dinner as well.

In addition, there is usually one dedicated “excursion day” in which we do not have scheduled yoga classes. This is a day for people to take advantage of some of the more involved tour and excursion offerings and is always a lot of fun!

Again, this is a very general look at what your retreat schedule could be. We work closely with the teachers to design unique itineraries that reflect their style and the group that’s traveling with them. Once your specific retreat itinerary is complete, we will send it out via email, usually two or more weeks before the retreat starts. Please keep in mind all retreat itineraries are subject to change.



–    Save $300 off full price (shared) of $2295 until 2/1!

–    $1995 Shared Accommodations
–    $2495 Single Accommodations




What´s included:

–   7 Nights Accommodations

–   3 Whole Foods Meals Each Day

–   Round-Trip Group Transport to/from the Airport

–   Daily Yoga Practices

–   Personal Retreat Time

    (having time to nap, explore, walk, read, and just be)


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