Simon Low, Robin, Kirstin & Boo Retreat

May 11st to 18th, 2019

While the whole team will guide you for graded morning hikes, they will practice alongside you throughout the day of dynamic and restorative yoga, cutting edge fitness sessions, breath-work, chi kung, meditation and stillness. During the week we will present raw food preparation and nutrition lectures and support and guidance toward inner and outer health and beauty.



Daily schedule of activities

It is important to understand that while we offer a full day of scheduled activities, nothing is compulsory.  We of course advise total commitment to the whole schedule, but we recognise that everyone comes with different needs, goals and interests, and ‘down time’ can be taken whenever a person feels it is important for them. There will be short periods in the day offering free ‘down time’, and scheduled activities that promote and support rest and relaxation.


  • 06.45   Silent graded morning hikes
  • 08.00   Lemon water, probiotic drink, tea
  • 08.30   Dynamic ‘yang’ yoga / chi kung / pranayama [2 hours]
  • 10.30   Green Juice
  • 11.30   Raw food lecture and raw food preparation 2 days a week and group HIIT fitness sessions on the other days [45 minutes]
  • 12.30   Plant based Raw food lunch, followed by free time
  • 15.00   Fitness group sessions / walking / activities / small group discussion [45 minutes]
  • 16.00   Green Juice or plant based smoothie
  • 16.30   Restorative yoga & meditation (2 hours)
  • 18.45   Plant based Raw food dinner
  • 19.30   Short evening walk / free time


All private massage, bodywork and therapeutic sessions are charged at 60-70 euros per hour, depending on the treatment.


We will be encouraging guests to keep a journal over the retreat, and for those interested, we will facilitate group discussions incorporating lifestyle and philosophical teachings, life coaching and the latest findings in outer and inner health and fitness




Retreat rate:


Single accommodation: 1895 euros
Shared twin accommodation: 1645 euros
Triple accommodation: 1545 euros
Suite supplement: 525 Euros per week


For two-week retreat bookings please multiply the weekly price by two


Returning guest rate:


Single accommodation: 1775 euros
Shared twin accommodation: 1545 euros
Triple accommodation: 1445 euros
Suite supplement: 525 Euros per week


For two weeks retreat please multiply price by two


For more information bookings, visit