Purna Yoga Teacher Training. Yoga Alliance 200h. With Tove Palmgren

Purna Yoga Teacher Training. Yoga Alliance 200h

16th to 30th March, 2019 and

November 24th to December 8th


With Tove Palmgren

At the 200-hour Level you gain the knowledge, confidence and awareness that is essential for becoming an alignment-based yoga teacher.

The course covers the foundational curriculum of Purna Yoga —alignment-based asana and pranayama, meditation, nutrition and applied yogic philosophy. You will emerge with the ability to teach a variety of classes; the confidence, caring and compassion that keeps your students safe and growing; and the inspiration that makes yoga a powerful tool for transformation. Be prepared to fall in love with your own personal yoga and meditation practice as well, since Purna Yoga awakens the joy of living from the heart.

March 16th to 31st, 2019 and November 24th to December 8th

As you learn the foundational curriculum, you will also explore:

Anatomy and physiology of asana and pranayama

How to see and understand bodies, and give hands-on adjustments

The benefits and contraindications of asana, and the use of props

How to deal with students’ injuries and health conditions

The energetics of centering your mind and awakening your intuition

Delivery, presentation and class control, especially in teaching beginners

How nutrition and a yogic lifestyle affect your students, your teaching, and life

Ethics, business, and the professional and energetic boundaries of teaching

How to apply timeless yogic philosophy to your classes and your daily life


1 Month (2 weeks in March, 1 week at the end of November and 1 week at the beginning of December 2019)


March 16th to 31st, 2019 and November 24th to December 8th


Applicants must have an established asana practice (at least one year of 2-3 classes a week in alignment-based yoga—any yoga system that emphasizes the alignment of the body in asana) prior to beginning the program. The strength of this foundation will support the entirety of the Teacher Training program.


Please complete the Application form  and mail it to: Tove Palmgren tove@tovepalmgren.com

Applications are accepted anytime space allows. However, we recommend you submit your application as soon as possible.
We will contact you by email within three weeks of receiving your application to confirm your acceptance. To receive the Early Bird discount on the 200-hour course, your tuition must be paid in full by 1 December 2018.


Here are the required textbooks for the 200-hour course. Please contact Purna Yoga Helsinki for prices and ordering information:

  • Fire of Love by Aadil Palkhivala
  • The Sunlit Path by The Mother
  • Trail Guide to the Body, 5th Edition, by Andrew Biel
  • Trail Guide to the Body, Student Worksbook 5th Edition, by Andrew Biel
  • The New Edition Manual by Aadil Palkhivala (provided to students as part of the tuition)


Teacher Training:

  • Early bird: 2.900 € per person.
  • Full price: 3.200 € per person.



Accommodation, meals, yoga studio and props use:

  • Shared room: 80 € per person and day
  • Single room: 105 € per day


Tuition: 250 €: Non-refundable, due with the application.

It includesthe 250 € registration fee, due with the application.

Tuition does not include lodging, food, books and materials, or travel expenses. The registration fee is part of the full tuition.

Refund Policy

Within five business days of receipt by the Purna Yoga College of your signed enrollment agreement, you may withdraw and be refunded all money paid.


Teacher Training

  • Early Bird Tuition (if paid in full by 1 December 2018)
    • 250 €Registration Fee – due with application
    • Early Bird Payment – 2 900 €,due by 1 December 2018
  • Regular Tuition (paid in full on 1 March 2019)
    • 250 €Registration Fee – due with application
    • Tuition Payment – 3 200 €,due on 1 March 2019

We will contact you by email within 3 weeks to confirm your enrollment. In order to receive the Early Bird discount, your tuition balance must be paid in full by 1 December 2018. For the regular tuition, your tuition balance must be paid within two weeks of the start of your course.

Accommodation, meals and facilities use: 


Staying in shared room:

  • 1200 € to be paid in cash upon arrival in Santillan. March 16th
  • 1200 € to be paid in cash upon arrival in Santillan. November 24th


Staying in single room:

  • 1575 € to be paid in cash upon arrival in Santillan. March 16th
  • 1575 € to be paid in cash upon arrival in Santillan. November 24th



Santillán has 20 rooms, each one individually designed, with special attention given to colour, harmony and equilibrium.   All of the rooms have an en-suite bathroom with a sink and shower, magnifying mirror, hairdryer and welcome products, air conditioning, heating, desk and balcony or porch with views of the sea, or the gardens and mountains.


You may stay in an individual room or twin/double room.



We offer fruit, tea and coffee in the morning, a complete breakfast, a light lunch, and dinner. Tea, coffee and water are available 24 hours. Meals are always served buffet-style.


The cooks at Santillán like to share their healthy cooking, inspired by the cuisine of both Spain and Italy. However, there are also able to cater for gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and lactose-free diets.

It is important that you inform us of any dietary restrictions with ample time, so that we can accommodate them.


Special dietary needs are adhered to, within reason, if you give us a minimum of one week’s notice. If, for medical reasons, you follow a very restricted diet, you might need to bring certain essential food items with you.

If you have a propensity to severe allergic reactions, for example if a trace coming into contact with cutlery or crockery would cause a reaction, you must inform us. Bear in mind that we cannot offer absolute guarantees for these types of allergies.


What certificate will I receive?

With your successful completion of the program requirements (course hours and homework) you will earn the 200-Hour Course Completion Certificate from the Purna Yoga College. This Certificate enables you to register with the Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour level.

What is the Yoga Alliance?

The Yoga Alliance was created to establish national standards for yoga teachers. Over the years, it has grown to become the internationally recognized body of yoga teacher training standards. Yoga Alliance does not certify teachers; instead it provides a list of teachers who have fulfilled certain yoga teacher training minimum standards. Those standards make up the 200-hour level and the 500-hour level of most teacher training programs today. Most studios and yoga teaching venues require teachers to be registered with the Yoga Alliance in order to teach yoga.

When can I register with Yoga Alliance?

With your successful completion of the program requirements (course hours and homework) you will earn the 200-Hour Course Completion Certificate from the Purna Yoga College. This certificate is the documentation that you need to complete your application to become a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200-hour Level, becoming a “RYT-200.”

What if I miss a class?

To receive your Course Completion Certificate and be eligible for Yoga Alliance registration, you must complete 100% of the classes and requirements. In addition, you must attend the first 5 modules of the course. However, we understand that you may not be able to foresee every conflict, so we have devised the following procedures if you must miss a class.
If you miss more than 30 minutes of a module (4 hour course), either by arriving late or leaving early, you will not receive credit for that module, and the entire module will have to be made-up.
Any missed modules may be made up in the following ways:

  • If you miss 1-3 modules (up to 12 hours) you may still complete the program by making up missed classes by taking private lessons with a teacher training instructor. One module (4 hours) = 1,5 hours of private instruction, at a cost of 80 € per 1,5 hour session. Private lesson make-ups must be completed within 30 days of the completion of your course.
  • If you miss more than 3 modules, you may continue in the course, but you will not be eligible for a Course Completion Certificate. If you wish to receive a Course Completion Certificate, you will have to retake the course.

Who will be my instructor?

The 200-hour course will be taught by Tove Palmgren (E-RYT 500). The teachers of the 200-hour Level are Certified Purna Yoga Instructors with over 2,000 hours of training, practice, and apprenticing. They are also registered with Yoga Alliance as E-RYTs (“Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher”) at the 200 or 500-hour levels (the highest level awarded). They have been hand-selected by Purna Yoga founders Aadil Palkhivala and Savitri, and have studied under them personally for many years to achieve the level of being a College of Purna Yoga faculty member. The members of the college faculty have made very deep commitments to their own practice of Purna Yoga as well as to serving others and carrying on the Purna Yoga lineage by training teachers.

As her assistant Tove will have Theresa Mihalopoulos, who also has completed more than 2,000 hours of training in Purna Yoga.

Will I have homework?

Yes, you will have two short books to read and anatomy worksheets to complete. Expect about 20 hours of homework during the 200-hour course.

After I graduate, where will I be able to teach?

Upon completion, you will be able to apply to teach alignment-based yoga at a variety of venues, such as studios, gyms, fitness centres, and schools. While there are no legal requirements for teaching yoga, most studios require their teachers to be registered with Yoga Alliance. The 200-hour level of training will equip you to teach basic classes; your teaching repertoire will grow as you increase your level of training.

How much should I expect to pay for books and materials?

Your books should cost around 140 €.

Where will the course be conducted?

Santillan Retreat
Carretera Macharaviaya km. 3
Rincon de la Victoria

How to get there?

Santillán is about 36 km east from Malaga international airport, which is serviced by a number of international and budget airlines.

We can arrange a driver to meet you at the arrival area of the airport. We have an arrangement with local taxi drivers, who, when booked in advance, charge a reduced rate of EUR 50 per journey.

They use regular passenger cars and can take up to 4 people in the car, depending on the amount of luggage.  We need your flight number, departure airport and arrival time at least three (3) days prior to the arrival. In case flights are arriving and/or departing within 30 minutes, we shall apply a car-sharing system.

You would need to pay the transfer to the taxi driver directly in cash.

For more information or to book