Mimi Kuo-Deemer & Sifu Matthew Cohen



Yoga Retreat with Mimi Kuo-Deemer & Sifu Matthew Cohen

June 29th to July 6th, 2019

Join Sifu Matthew Cohen and Mimi Kuo-Deemer for a weeklong yoga, qigong and meditation retreat at Centro Santillán,

a stunning retreat centre nestled in the open hills of southern Spain.


Days will include morning and afternoon yoga/qigong sessions, meditation, and three delicious meals.

There will  also be plenty of downtime for relaxing, walking the hills, swimming in a salt-water pool, therapies and having a siesta. Mid-week, there will also be a chance to visit the sacred Alhambra and historic city of Grenada.


About Classes and Practices:

Throughout the week, Matthew and Mimi will explore the spirit of summer through an integrated systems of healing. Drawing from Yoga, qigong, Buddhism, Chinese medicine and martial arts, their teachings invite students to explore authenticity, awareness and intentionality in a safe space. Their integration of practices works with the interplay of effort and ease, movement and stillness, softness with strength, and the sacred with the practical. Both teachers are always available so you receive more individual attention, hands-on adjustments and modifications as needed. Through deep, lighthearted, playful and inspiring practices, Matthew and Mimi will explore how the richness of ancient teachings can be incorporated into our contemporary daily lives.   



Matthew and Mimi bring together a love for the healing practices of Yoga, qigong, taichi, martial arts, Buddhist meditation and Chinese medicine. Their friendship, which began in 2003 after Mimi invited Matthew to China to teach at her Beijng yoga studio, has been fostered through a mutual appreciation for sharing these ancient practices in ways that can support and enrich our everyday, contemporary lives. Both known for their love of storytelling, a good laugh and introspection, Mimi and Matthew aspire to teach safe, sacred, inspiring and transformative practices that are accessible and open to everyone.


Cost and Payment Information:

Triple rooms:
Three twin beds in shared single sex room
£1055 per person (after March 1, £1095)


Twin/double rooms: 
Shared room w/single beds or double bed for couples
£1205 per person 
 (after March 1, £1295)


Single rooms:  
£1545 per person  (after March 1, £1605)


Suite rooms:  
upon request




​Payment includes seven nights of accommodation, three meals/day and all class sessions.  It does not include transportation to/from Santillán, therapies, purchased beverages, or activities/excursions.  It does, however, include one seaside lunch/beach trip!

For more information or to book, visit: www.mkdeemer.com